Refresh is not completing

Hi - I am aware that when a report is refreshed it could come up with an excel warning to day that excel is waiting to complete an OLE action and that I should just click continue. However after waiting for over an hour my report has not refreshed (from Xero).
I reconnected the client to Xero and tried again to no avail.
I closed excel and tried again to no avail.

It is worth mentioning that the sheet that I’m trying to refresh as at least 5,000 lines as it is a large client with many tracking categories. I’m worried that it may simply be too large - help would be hugely appreciated!

thank you

Hi @Enid

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It would help to understand what report are you trying to generate and for which accounting are you experiencing this problem?

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:
The accounting system is Xero and the report is Profit and Loss - Multiple Periods {new}.

Hi - I don’t think it is the number of lines of data because I’ve now tried to run the report for just one month and it’s not refreshing. About two months ago I was able to refresh it for 10 months of data without any issues.

Hi @Enid

Having a large number of tracking options will cause this report take time to be created due to the way the data is obtained from the Xero API. Have you tried to check if you can get the same information from any of the other P&L reports?