Reporting in different currencies



I have 2 entities in different currencies (HKD and SGD) but want to do group reporting in USD - is this possible?




The group you create in DataDear will allow you to choose a base currency from one of the Xero entities added to the group - hence in this case either HKD or SGD.

So what you can do is the following - once you generate the consolidated reports, you can then generate a separate currency report (this is a normal DataDear report where you can get the currency required for a specific date) into another sheet. Then, using normal Excel functionality, you can convert the consolidated values into any currency you require.

Hope that helps


Thanks Neville. Where do I get the currency report from and by refreshing the sheet this would be available?



The currency report is a DataDear report under the reports drop-down. And yes refreshing the sheet is possible and all formulas are retained so this is ideal to build the reports you need to reuse.


great, this worked out!