Sales by State- summary or detail

:space_invader: What is the problem you need to solve?
Sales by State (Delivery address or Billing) - unable to access State field in QBO reports, but it does come in DataDear - Sales by Customer is good, but need it by State

What accounting software are you using?
QuickBooks online

Hi @JLSAccounting

Can you provide some more information about the Sales by State and the Sales by Customer. Are these reports which have been built internally using DataDear?

There is a template - Sales by Customer that will give you total sales summarized by each customer. The basic report is also available directly in QuickBooks - just can’t manipulate the data.
Sales by state - would just be total sales to a particular state - either based on delivery location (Such as Sales tax is computed) or by the location of the compnay/billing address.
the first one IS a DataDear template - the 2nd is one I was suggesting.
There are other reporting tools that give you much more flexibility in customizing reports - but not all allow you to Post the updated data BACK