SKU Column on Invoices in QuickBooks

Is there a way to pull the SKU field into the Invoice Report in QuickBooks?

Hi @daruking,

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The SKU is a field related to Inventory. Can you please provide an example and screenshots of what you have in mind please?



What I’m trying to do…not sure if possible, is to generate a report that aggregates all SKUs sold and paid…in other words, collect all invoices (Issued and Paid) from last quarter, aggregate the various SKUs from those invoices in order to calculate royalties. I was able to generate a report from QuickBooks for this data, but I was hoping I could create it using DataDear.

Also…how does one create their own custom reports? I’d love to be able do create a template on my own and I’m somewhat technical (at least I can work my way around DAX and Python.)

Hi @daruking

Users have the option to run QBO reports through DataDear as per the below screen. Have you tried the Vendor balance Summary and the Vendor Balance details? These seem to show the information you are looking for.

DataDear also offers various Data Tables that can help you build your reports from scratch. Once reports are build using Data Tables they can easily be refreshed by clicking the Refresh button.

Hi @daruking

You can create your own reports in Excel and save these on your machine and reuse with a 1-click refresh when required. If you wish to contribute to the Templates Library with providing templates for the community, that is also an option.