Smart Invoices Template is failing to refresh

I am getting repeated failures when using the Smart Invoices & Bills Template

“oops. DataDear has failed to get any data for this query. This could be related to lack of Internet…if not close Excel and try again…contact support if pain persists”. yep, did that, pain is persisting. All of my applications are cloud applications, everything else is solid.

I then tried to filter the data to reduce the amount returned to just A/R transcations, not voided, not deleted, thinking that it might be a timeout issue on the query.

now I get

“oops. Something went wrong. if the problem persists, please contact support:”

Where to now?


Can you check if you can use the same organisation to download another data table using DataDear in Excel - this will help us determine if there is an issue with the reprot or with the connected company.