Status Expired however all billing information in and last month payment taken

:space_invader: What is the problem you need to solve?

I originally had an error so I was not able to get to the user screen, this was fixed with a reset on the account. However my account status is now expired but all billing information has been entered and prior payments have been successfully taken so I cannot refresh my data and reports.

Can my status be updated to show we are active.

What accounting software are you using?
I am using Xero

Hi @Robcrown

I confirm your account is now in order and should work normally.

Hi @Neville,

That is great the login now works, however the companies are not appearing in Datadear now,

However when i click on connect to Xero it shows the 21 connections there.


Is this something you can resolve aswell? As I had a group connection set up too.

Thank you,


Hi @Robcrown

I can confirm they are not in DataDear (I can see they were deleted yesterday). To read add these you can either use the Continue with 21 organisations button or else if this does not work, you will need to carry out this process:

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