Submitting return from Excel



I have completed the VAT return but the Refresh icon is still greyed out. Using the template and signed in, and have checked yes ready to submit


Hi Gwil,

Thanks for contacting us. Can you confirm you have signed-up for MTD using one of the links below (depending on whether an agent is acting or not)?

Business or Sole Trader -
Agent to submit for clients -

Once you sign-up and you are confirmed by HMRC, you can use the MTD template.


Hey Gwil,

Adding to Clifton’s comments, another couple of handy tips that could be your reason;

You haven’t selected your organisation within the DataDear tab (The HMRC connection you established)
You have moved/edited our template (A few users have been moving our template into their existing workings, unfortunately it has to be done the other way around…)

Our free complimentary training is now live, please visit and enrol in the HMRC VAT course which shows best practice and how to set up/use ongoing for our clients.