Tax Digital Reporting from two separate systems



I work for a local Charity (which is also a registered Company) and we need to submit digital tax returns this next tax year. The basic accounts are kept on Sage but we cannot report from there as our situation is a little complicated. We have an agent running a cafe for us and they have their own accounting system so my VAT returns are a manual amalgamation of both sets of figures. I am looking for the simplest way of going digital and, as I produce the trustee reports, VAT returns etc in excel, you solution looks the easiest. Is it suitable for our situation do you think? I am concerned as both downloads come from different systems. And HMRC website indicated this was free? Is it? If not, what is the cost.


Hi Anniem

Apologies for the delay to reply as I wanted to double check somethings before. There is a grey area when it comes to define if this process is digital and we will continue to work with the authorities to fully understand what will be considered digital. DataDear’s MTD solution does not allow you to type in figures in the 9 boxes, instead you need to map those boxes to your figures - irrespective if these come from Sage or from another system. So having the totals from Sage and from this other accounting system mapped to the DataDear’s workbook should suffice.

The solution is indeed free and there are no costs or hidden fees.