Template to extract all postings to a nominal

Hi all - we’re trialing DataDear at the moment. We I need is to be able to quickly extract all posting to a nominal across multiple entities. I can see that using the templates it is easy to refresh multiple tabs for separate entities, however I cannot see how to extract all postings from a single nominal using the templates

I know I can use the account transactions function to do this, however this needs to be run separately for each company and therefore takes much longer. I also cannot run that report on a consolidated group of companies

Is there an easier way?


Welcome to DataDear and the community!

Unfortunately, if report data doesn’t supply enough information and transactional data is required, due to file size and API limitations, each account transactions report will require it’s own sheet per organisation, we’d recommend it’s own workbook.

There are lots of ways to automatically merge this data together using Excel’s functionality, including filtering and transforming to the exact data you require. I’d recommend using Power Query for this function, or speaking with one of our DataDear Experts that could deliver this project for you. https://www.datadear.com/meet-datadear-experts/

Happy connecting!