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I have just discovered this free MTD tool and am so far impressed. We are below the threshold but decided to go for it before we are forced to do so as it will be easier than manually entering the figures. We use an old version of Quick-Books desktop but it can output a CSV file so is perfect for this DataDear Tool.
However I didn’t realise that it was a one way street and there was no going back.
Our VAT number is showing fine in the spreadsheet so it is authorised with HMRC OK but I cannot retrieve any reports which is probably because we have not submitted on this platform yet. So is it possible to do a test submission so as to be sure that I do not have problems at the end of the month.
I tried a search with no luck so apologies if this has already been covered elsewhere.

Hi @StevenJay , welcome to the community!

Unfortunately HMRC do not provide a facility to perform test submissions.

If you have registered your business for MTD and received confirmation from HMRC, once you have authorised DataDear with your government gateway a quick way to confirm the connection is in place is to either;

We have thousands of business customers using our free MTD filing so confident you’ll be okay, don’t forget we have free training available via https://training.datadear.com/


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Thanks @Carl for your quick reply! The spreadsheet has retrieved and is showing the current quarter dates correctly so fingers crossed it will work fine, please forgive my apprehension. I will do my VAT return as soon as the month ends so I have a month to sort out any teething problems, if any!
I really appreciate your very quick reply for this remarkable free service.


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