The access token for this organisation has not been authorised

Each time I try to choose my organisation I get this error message saying the access token for this organisation has not been authorised or has been revoked. I have tried everything. | have reconnected the organisation through HMRC, unistalled and reinstalled the datadear add in and downloaded a new template. Can anyone suggest what else I can try please?

Hi, have you had any solution to this - we are having the same issue.

No I’ve had no response to this or by email. I’ve purchased other software and filed it without issue.

Hi all,

We are soon approaching the 18 month window in which you’ll need to reauthorise the connection between DataDear and HMRC, in order to securely send your VAT data. The process is very simple!

  1. Login to DataDear
  2. Click Add - HMRC
  3. Enter your VRN, business name and confirm whether you’re an agent or not
  4. Log in to HMRC with your credentials for your digital tax portal
  5. Hit ‘Grant Authority’ to confirm - that’s it, ready for another 18 months of free filing


  • Make sure you authorise your correct credentials from HMRC (Some businesses can have multiple logins for different taxes)
  • Try deleting your existing connection from the DataDear organisations tab on your web dashboard before re-adding.
  • Try removing authority with HMRC by completing steps 1-4 above, and hitting the link to remove this authority. Then re-add connection as above.
  • Please try another browser or ‘incognito’ mode, there have been some known issues with Internet Explorer.


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