The provided Vm is invalid

The period field is not automatically populated by HMRC even if the VRN field is correctly filled. I tried to refresh the sheet but the “The provided Vm is invalid” error message prevents me from mouving farther.
Is there anybody knowing how to get out of this issue?

Hi Maxme

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I would suggest to delete your HMRC connection and try to connect this again as HMRC expires this after some time.

Hi Neville,

I submetted correctly my last VAT return. Now I am trying to submit my next return for the period 01/01/21 to 31/03/21.
When I try to download the HMRC VAT template from Datadear I get an error saying: “we are updating the system try later”.
The question is that it has been happening for 6 days and I am in need to submit the VAT return before the next 7th of May.
Do you have any advice to make me able to submit the return in any way?



Hi @Maxme

Can you provide a screenshot of this error?