Too many tracking categories

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Some of my entities have over 50 tracking categories (between tracking categories 1 and 2). When I run my Datadear downloads they take a long time and sometimes come up with an error. Is there a way Datadear can not pick up tracking category 2 as I only need tracking category for my reporting?

What accounting software are you using?

Same for me - I really need this

Hi @HelenWGBIZ @Mardi

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Have you tried using the tracking categories in the criteria windows as shown below?

If I understood your query correctly, this should be the solution you need, all you have to do is choose tracking category 1 in the field “Tracking Option 1”. Then in the window next to it simply tick all tracking categories for tracking category 1. This will run a P/L for all of tracking category 1 which in turn excludes tracking category 2.

Please let me know if this is not clear or if anything needs further clarification.

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Hi David, I just tried that and it still wouldn’t download the report. I did the report for the month of October 2021 and one period, Periods as Rows and Include Budgets. I selected a Track Option 1 and ticked all the items for that option.

Hi @Mardi ,

Then you must still have to many tracking categories and most probably the API limit is being exceeded when trying to run the report.

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David, we’ve had this conversation a number of times and the last time it ended with me asking if I could just select one tracking category. So your response to Helen made me hope that I could do it as you showed. Which, as I now know, didn’t work either. But I would like to point out that using Flex Financial Reporting I have no trouble with a report such as this, in fact it refreshes within a minute or two. It doesn’t provide budget information but the DataDear report still won’t work with budget unticked. So perhaps it isn’t just the API. Anyway, thanks for your help again. Mardi

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This won’t work for me as I am using a tailored report.