Trial Balance - Multi Currency - Multiple Period - Native currency?

Hi. Is there any way to download this report where the balances for each entity are kept in the currency of that entity e.g. the TB for an Australian entity are presented in AUD, or USD for a US based entity? At current, all balances are automatically converted to GBP

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I’m going to discuss the possibility of this with the team. As our current Profit & Loss Multiple Period report behaves in exactly this way.

In the meantime, you could built a TB per entity on each sheet, these will show in their native currency instead of the group. I wouldn’t imagine you’d want these combined anyhow with the different currency values. Simply create a new sheet, select 1 of your companies and bring down the TB, and replicate for all of your entities. When it comes time to refresh, make sure to hit Refresh all to update everything in one go!

I’ll update this article should we develop this functionality.


Hi @jheavey

In the July release, the Trial Balance was enhanced by adding the additional columns … showing currencies for the group and for the organisation. See below:


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