Trial Balance - Multiple Period

Hi there,

We are using the Trial Balance - Multiple Periods report for a number of different reports and are having problems with our formulas breaking each month.

We have them setup with the following settings

The part of the formula that breaks each month is the reference to MTD Amount, which become Ref#! instead of the formula (ie H:H).

Is there someway for this to be fixed? it is become a bit of a problem which we want to run monthly reports which should work easily but just keep breaking. And we are usually on a tight deadline to get the reports done, and wasting time making it seem counter productive use datadear for those reports.
We are having this is for about 5-6 different reports we are running

Hi Merryn

Can you tick the Raw Data option and see if that helps?


If not, can you pls send us a screenshot of the sheet Index so we can replicate this from our end - after which we can investigate further.