Trying to bring in month to date information rather than YTD

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My DataDear is linked to Xero, and in Xero we have the correct year end inputted (i.e. April). However, when reporting the management accounts to our client they would like to see the information added up according to a month to date rather than year to date. Therefore, when we are reporting March management accounts they want to see the data added up as Jan-March rather than the year to date of May - March. How can I get DataDear to bring in one column of information showing, for example, Jan -March?

What accounting software are you using?


Hi @dominique.saparia,

Thank you for using DataDear. We have been working on this feature during the past few weeks and it will be made available after the February release.

On the 17th of February users will be able to run the P/L multiple periods and choose a Quarterly period. This will allow users to compare Qtrly periods as you mentioned above Jan- March , April - June etc…

Hope the above helps and please let me know should you require anything further.

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