UK Making Tax Digital Excel 'bridging'



We have quite a few clients that would like to continue using Excel, but we plan to move these clients onto Xero to keep them compliant, can we use you to import their existing workings so we don’t have to re enter everything? Thank you.


Hey John,

Great question, we have an awesome solution that addresses the digital tax changes in the UK, already providing the mandatory digital link that will be required post 2020. You can find further info on this here…

We have also got a recording of our webinar available where we present a live demo of our solution in action, you can view this at anytime @

To answer your question simply, yes we can save you from re-entering this information, it’s a smart upload done directly within Excel, just 2 clicks! Even easier than an import… Please book some time in with me on if you’d like a personalised demo and to discuss an implementation/onboarding plan.



Hi John

A quick update on this thread. You might be interested in a direct link with HMRC in case the client does not wish to have any accounting software - for more info, feel free to visit this page re HMRC Direct Link.