Unable refresh or select organisation when running datadear


I have followed every steps of this article but still unable to enable Datadear.

I can see the datadear toolbar, but after logging in cannot choose organisation or refresh or upload. Everything is grey out in the toolbar . What can I do to fix it?



We are having the same the problem at our company. Have you perhaps received any response from data dear support center in terms of resolving this issue?

Hi, I have submitted a ticket, but have not heard back from Datadear yet.

Hi Zoe & Marisa,

The issue you have both reported appears to be due to access reasons. The DataDear account owner needs to add the relevant connections, and then grant other users access which can be limited to either; Refresh only, Get, & Post, you can also limit the data tables and reports that are accessible. Please see the below article and let me know if this resolves your issue.