Unable to login to DataDear

Hi, is this problem resolved/recurring? … currently trying to log into the account via the Excel sheet and I get "Ooops - there is a problem so drop down and contact support. This is the closest thing to Support as there is no option to make direct contact. I can log in over the web ok but won’t though the excel workbook despite having to reload, reboot because there is another version of Datadear, am I the only one who has these issues very time using this product? … thanks in advance

We are having this problem as well, as we try and meet out month-end deadline by EOD :dizzy_face:
Tried restarting computer, reinstalling DD with no luck

Interesting, thanks. We are both in the same boat with problems and deadlines. I’m trying to file a nil VAT return which is late but still needs to be filed before any penalty comes! Every quarter when I use this there is some issue and a small task always involves hours, logging in more than once, rebooting more than once etc etc.

Hi @tyler.pai @JohnD

We are currently looking into the issue as there is a problem to login into Excel.

Kindly refer to this announcement. In the meantime all services have been restored.

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Thank you … it has worked in the main. No receipt prints on the VAT form, top right, but have a record through the web page for proof it has gone to HMRC.
We’ve got through another quarter end!
Thanks Neville for the responses and getting a resolution.

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Thanks! Also working on our side now.

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