Unable to post manual journals



I have downloaded the new template for posting manual journals directly from datadear into Xero.
However there’s an error message everytime saying there is no data to post when clearly there is data. Any ideas?


Hi Chrisie,

Thanks for getting in touch. Very difficult to advise without being able to see your workings, my instinct on this one is to check whether you have column A, under Post?, set as yes for the lines you are looking to post, along with all other required fields headings marked with a *.

Column A will automate back to no, once you have made a successful posting for the lines you have pushed across.

In this instance, please contact our support team either via the report a problem icon within the DataDear Excel Add-in, or email the team at support@datadear.com if the above doesn’t solve your problem.

Thank you,


Your instincts where exactly.