Unable to retrieve data from 'Employees' table within Xero

I am trying to retrieve data from our ‘Employee’ table within Xero however I receive the following message

“Ensure that your Organisation has Payroll provisioned, and the User is a Payroll Administrator”

Our organisation does and I have the Payroll Administrator credentials. I have tried reconnecting the organisations via the web interface but this didn’t work. I have checked and I can access other reports using DataDear in Excel.

Also on an unrelated note, the ‘Report Problem’ functionality isnt working for me either!

Can someone please help?

Hi @kirby.mardle

Welcome to DataDear!

Can you try to delete the organisation completely from DataDear and from Xero > Settings > Connected Apps as it seems that Xero has not authorised DataDear to use Payroll. Then add the organisation again from DataDear and see if that helps!

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That’s great, thank you @Neville, it seems to have done the trick. Thank you for the speedy response too!

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