Unable to retrieve VAT Period after authorising software with HMRC

After authorising Datadear with HMRC (I can see Datadear is registered and authorised on the HMRC site), I returned to Excel and a pop up advised to click ok to complete authorisation. After doing so it sits calculating for sometime (data miners message in the bottom left), and then eventually brings up an error “Microsoft Excel is waiting for another application to complete an OLE action”, if I click ok it returns the error again on loop. Eventually I give up and click cancel. At this point the VRN number is listed correctly at the top but the VAT return period is blank.

I tried restarting Excel and after entering login details there is a long period of calculation and I get the error “Oops, there has been an unexpected error returned from HMRC. Detailed message from HMRC: - The client and/or agent is not authorised.” as stated above HMRC has Datadear listed as authorised on our account. The VRN number is correct.

Hi @Keith

When this happens, it would be recommended to delete the HMRC connection from within DataDear and add your VRN in DataDear again. That might also happen if HMRC happened to be unavailable or busy when you were trying to get the periods so you can try to refresh again before reconnecting.

Let us know if that works!

Hi Neville,

Thanks for your response, I have tried removing authority on HMRC website and added the permission again, however, I am still getting the same error. I have also tried on a different PC and still no joy. After granting permission I get the same error message stating not authorised by HMRC.

What should we try next?



Experiencing exactly same problem. Am a first time user. Have repeatedly deleted and refreshed details as per instructions but still get error

Oops … There has been an unexpected error returned from HMRC. Detailed message from HMRC:

  • The client and/or agent is not authorised.

Not sure how to resolve?

Hi @Keith @Lesley_Wallace

Are you able to provide the DataDear username and password (in a private message) so we can check this from our end.

That problem now resolved thanks. HMRC hadn’t authorised our details. But now have separate problem

Error - Net Vat Due should be the difference between the largest and the smallest values among Total Vat Due and Vat Reclaimed (VAT_NET_VALUE)

Glad that worked

This has to do with the formulas and rounding in Excel - unless figures match perfectly, you will not be able to submit to HMRC.

Okay. Will have a look at rounding the numbers

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