Unable to send VAT return



been trying to send a VAT with MTD, but most of the menus are greyed out, and upgrade dosent work, what is wrong ?


Do i need to have office 365, or does my originall excell ok


Hi Louise,

You don’t need to have office 365, system requirements for checking are here - http://help.datadear.com/article/5748788291436544/what-are-the-datadears-system-requirements

Have you added your HMRC connection and selected this from the toolbar? Along with being within our MTD template? These are the typical causes we see users when the icons are greyed out.

Have you taken our quick 15 minute training course? You can enroll via https://training.datadear.com/ that should walk you through the whole process start to finish! Any other issues please let us know.