Unable to update Excel files after May 12 upgrade

Since the new release came out, I have received an error message: “Oops - the access token for this organization has not been authorized or has been revoked. Please re-connect the organization: XYZ US, LLC by using the Add Organization button in the DataDear toolbar. Follow instructions on screen to have this re-connected.”

I followed these instructions and re-connected the organization and went back to the Excel sheet and tried to load data, but received the same message for another organization in my ledger. I now have duplicate organizations and still cannot import data.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Hi @bob.brinkmann

If you have duplicate organisations showing in the list, we recommend deleting the old connection and only use the new one. You can easily find the date of when this was connected from the Dashboard > Organisations tab. DataDear will try to avoid this from happening but it can happen when the connected company has been connected for a very long time.

Thank you, Neville.

What is frustrating is that once I add the entity that I am told is missing, the system comes right back and tells me another is missing. Is this what should happen with the new release? We ran DataDear on May 7 and had no problems whatsoever. I am afraid to delete anything for fear that it will cause another problem.

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