Unrealized Gain or Loss is not showing up in Multiple Period Reports

:space_invader: What is the problem you need to solve?
The unrealized gain or losses are not showing up properly on the Trial Balance or Balance Sheet Multiple Period reports. For example, the YTD balance sheet in Quickbooks does not match what Data Dear is pulling into excel. Can you please help ASAP?

What accounting software are you using?

Hi @curtis.mcgregor, welcome to the community!

I’ve just tested this our end and I’m unable to replicate your issue. Are you able to use the ‘report problem’ icon in the DataDear Excel add-in so our support and development team can investigate for you please?

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Hi Carl,
I get an error when I try to report the problem in excel.


We aren’t having much luck here!

Did you complete all the fields on the ‘report problem’ window? If so, what was the error message you received?

If you can’t use the report problem function, please email support@datadear.com detailing the differences you’re seeing so we can investigate.

One final comment, do you have an advisor/accountant access to QuickBooks Online? We have found that these users can control the default of reports to be generated as either cash or accrual, which may explain the difference.


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