Urgent Error when downloading a Xero Table



I always login to Excel, then Data Dear and all my data is refreshed automatically. However recently I have not managed this. One of the tables “Invoice Lines” when refreshed it is refreshed by Invoice/Credit Note Lines instead - which has 34 extra fields.

If I then refresh is back to “Invoice Lines” - all my references in Excel are broken and don’t work. I will then need to check all the formulas in my Excel - ARRRRRGH!

I also cannot change the refresh before it does perform the refresh. This is because as soon as I click logon - it refreshes.




The invoice lines download has been updated to include credits as well as invoices. I found it also resets your excel table to include ALL the field headongs some of which you might have deleted when you set up your excel file. So you may need to recreate your excel file using tje new invoice/credit lines detail . Actually it is an improvement but we didnt know in advance and I had three days of reprogramming our system to adapt to the update.


Hi Angus

The data table has been improved to include Credit Notes as well. I am sorry if this has broken your Excel formulas - let us know if we can be of any help to redo these links.

In the future we will be more careful when we carry out such improvements.


It could be worth after it has refreshed upon opening, forcing the refresh again, and amending your parameters from this window (filtering out credit notes etc). Hope this helps!