Urgent! Missing organisation

We have 2 organisations but 1 is not showing in Excel. We cannot edit the orgs on the website as it shows an error with the server, and we cannot amend user permissions either.

This is very urgent as we have a VAT return to file by Friday!

i had this before. here is how i fixed it:
a. login DataDear site, remove the org on it, then re-register it. it will show up on your excel list

b. some time they lost the sync. and even though it showed on the list, it will not update the data from HMRC. remove the link and rebuild it will help address the issue.

Thanks for your helpful reply. It actually ended up being an issue with Internet Explorer. Once we were using Edge it allowed us to amend the user permissions so that we could allow the missing org to be viewed once again. Thankfully in time for the VAT return!

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