Using DataDear to Submit VAT Return to HMRC

Hi there.
I use excel spreadsheets for accounting. I have set up the organisation I would like to submit the vat for. I have then downloaded the add-on for excel but it doesn’t matter if I chose ‘run’ or ‘save as’ it says its installing it and that its completed but it doesn’t seem to appear anywhere?
I thought when I clicked on Templates Library and HMRC Direct - Making Tax Digital that was it but then discovered that that is a read only file so I am just going around in circles!
Am I missing something here or isn’t it as easy as what it sounds?!


Thank you for your interest in the MTD solution provided by DataDear!

I suggest taking a look at our free course relating to the HMRC process with detailed information step by step.

All you have to do is enroll by following this link;

Do let me know should you still encounter any issues.


Have signed up to the training and the video will play the introduction but that’s it! When I click on to play the next video nothing happens?

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