Using excel for accounts



hi, i have a client that has always used their excel to maintain their accounts transactions.
they are now looking to move to using xero.

can you help get started?



Thank you for your interest in DataDear.

Yes, DataDear will be able to assist in a variety of ways;

1 - move to Xero and keep using Excel for reporting and data entry
2 - stay on Excel and use DataDear to push data to Xero for submission to tax and VAT

Hope this is helpful!


thanks. can you confirm if you have an account transactions report available?



The account transactions report has not yet been made available by the Xero API hence it is not available in DataDear.

Xero are currently working on this feature however we do not have an ETA - this has been delayed a few times You can vote for this feature using this link and we will inform you as soon as there are any updates from Xero.

In the meantime, you could have a look at the journals data table which can provide most of the data you require. All the GL transactions with their tracking options are available so you might be able to build any report you need using this raw data. However it is possible that the other data tables / reports already in DataDear will suffice for your requirements.

If you wish to build a report which is not available directly in DataDear, you may also ask for assistance to in this community forum.