Using multiple period reports



We are trying to generate a multiple period report with several periods and wish to run this across the practice (some sort of working papers and management reports) - how is best to approach this?

We’re new to datadear so not sure if there are any used cases to share.


Hey Amy,

Thanks for reaching out, there absolutely is! Sounds like our management report pack that we’ve built in our templates library could be exactly what you’re after, simply select your client, hit refresh and you’re done! We have a great solution for working papers too. I would recommend us setting up some time to dive into your requirements in greater detail, I’ll be able to show you our reports in action and any other used cases we can add value within your business.

Best way to book some time in with me is via If you’d like to see further information on our management report packs take a look at

I look forward to speaking with you!


Hi Carl

I had a look at the report pack in the library and seems a great starting point. Will play a bit more with this and share it internally. Will book a slot as suggested some time next month as we are busy with year end reports where I hope datadear can help.



Awesome, I look forward to speaking with you then!

In the meantime, we also have this in action on our latest webinar, available here -, you’ll find our management report pack from 09:26.

Happy holidays!


Hi Carl - I did watch the webinar and that has helped us understand more how DataDear works but I do wonder if there are:

  1. Other templates in the pipeline
  2. If you can help us build templates or reports we require


Hi Amy,

Apologies for my delay in getting back to you over the holiday period!

Is there a specific report that you’re looking for? The team and our external certified DataDear Experts are hard at work building templates designed for specific requirements. We can either assist or introduce you to our Expert community to aid with this, lets arrange some time to dive deeper into your requirements and explore what will be best. Remember you can book some time in with me here -

I look forward to speaking soon!