VAT reverse charge for construction services

How do I account for reverse VAT charge on purchases as tax must be reported in output VAT so should be included in invoices sales tab but net is not included in sales in box 6

Hi @nnicolet

Feel free to change the formulas in the Excel workbook according to your requirements and how you wish to submit the VAT return.

Hi Neville, did you manage to change the formulas to show the reverse charge, I would of thought DataDear would have come up with another sheet maybe. Mike

Still waiting for a reply, any of the tax experts reads these or not, pretty poor service from DataDear, why have`t you made a spread sheet just for CIS monthly payments

Hi @MichaelR

DataDear will not be changing the formulas in those sheets. Those formulas can however be changed according to the needs of your business operations and this was the message in my earlier reply to your post. If you are unsure how to change the formulas, I recommend you would reach out to a tax expert how can help you with your specific case.

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