What filters does DataDear apply when using the 'Get data to edit' button on the Purchase Order Template version 1.4

I am using the ‘Xero - Purchase Order Template v1.4’ template and I wanted to retrieve the data on the existing purchase orders in Xero. The report only pulled down 135 lines of data (there are 934 records in the Purchase Orders table). How does DataDear determine which records are retrieved for edit and how can I change these? I couldnt see any commonalities between the 135 lines.

Hi @kirby.mardle

I am told DataDear removes deleted Purchase Orders from the list since these cannot be edited. Can you confirm the missing lines of data are deleted POs?

If not, can you share some of the POs in an Excel workbook that are not downloaded (you can delete the description and change values if these are confidential)

Hi Neville,
Sorry for the delay in responding, I didn’t receive notification of your reply.
The ‘missing’ purchase orders from the templates do not fall within the deleted category. I can’t find a way of exporting the missing POs from Xero - I dont think the functionality exists - which explains the need for this template?

I’ve attached a screenshot of the template after clicking ‘Get Data to Edit’ and I’ve removed the confidential information, the data stops after 135 lines still - same as before. They all date back to when we first started using POs on Xero which indicates its only pulling back the first 135 lines of data from the table?

Hi @kirby.mardle

I have passed this on to the technical team for further investigation as it seems only the first page of data is downloaded. Will keep you informed with their feedback.

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Hi @Neville is there any update on this ticket yet?

Hi @kirby.mardle

Our engineers have looked into the issue and I have been informed that it should be resolved as part of this month’s deployment.

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That’s great thank you @David


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