What is the Templates Library and how do I use it?

Learn how to browse and download templates from the Templates Library in your DataDear account.

DataDear provides a library of Excel workbooks which are grouped according to functionality, application and how they can be used. There are mainly 3 types of templates:

  1. Templates which allow you to push / post data in bulk in the accounting software.
  2. Templates that allow you to retrieve data from the accounting software, edit in bulk and update back the accounting software.
  3. Sample reporting templates that can be used or adapted according to your reporting needs.

Accessing the Templates Library

Templates can be downloaded from the Dashboard > Templates Library as follows:

  1. Login to DataDear web Dashboard using your email and password.

  2. Click on the Templates Library tab in the menu and use the different filters to browse through the different templates. Filters include - Features, application name, functionality and use within a practice.

  3. Each template contains a description, the version and last updated date and the publisher.

  4. Choose the Download button (and save the file when prompted) to use the template on your computer.

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