Why am I getting an OLE action error / warning?

Learn more about the OLE error / warning when downloading data and how to proceed to pull your data.

:warning: Error Message

When a process running in Excel takes a long time to respond, Excel may display the below warning:

DataDear - OLE error / warning

Error message: "Microsoft Office Excel is waiting for another application to complete an OLE action"

:heavy_check_mark: Resolution: Ignore message

This OLE message is not an error - it is a warning from Excel that the response from DataDear is taking long (more than 90 seconds). In reality, even though DataDear might not be responding to Excel, it is still in contact with the server which is where the magic is happening. The server remains in contact with the accounting software to create or refresh the required data table or report.

When does it happen?

This message could be caused by a number of factors namely:

  1. A heavy data table / report which takes time to generate due to thousands of data to update - for example downloading several thousand journals is known to trigger this message.

  2. A slow connection between your machine and the DataDear servers - maybe you can try to generate the report from outside your network to see if this improves. Typically this is the main trigger of this OLE message when it happens even on the simplest request.

  3. Slow response from Xero servers (quite unlikely) and this is usually a temporary problem.

:information_source: Hence message typically means that DataDear is taking long to prepare the report and Excel is not sure why.

What do you do when it happens?

When you get that message the first time after 90 seconds, you can click the ok/proceed - even if this appears a number of times (every 10 seconds thereafter), the servers are still working to process your request. After a few minutes the report will be ready / refreshed.

It may look like Excel is completely hang up and you need to kill the process. When you hang up Excel, the DataDear process will also stop and actually might not load the next time so this step should be avoided.

:warning: Do not stop the Excel process.

Clicking this message immediately or after a few minutes will not affect how DataDear is refreshing / generating the report so you may ignore the message and then click ok/proceed say after 15 - 20 minutes. This period may be less or longer depending on the above points.

:bulb: We would recommend you try to run the same Excel / report outside of the normal network / IT environment to determine if the problem is the network or the report being generated.

You may read more about this message on Microsoft’s support page.