Xero - Bank Transactions Template v2.4 - Enhancement

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We are planning to use the bank transactions import function to import money spend and received. The data dear upload template mentioned in the header is missing a field we are in need of. We need to set the reconciliation status of line items to reconciled when we post the data to XERO. There is a optional parameter available in the XERO API for a bank transactions post request (" Is Reconciled : Boolean to show if transaction is reconciled.").

Would it be possible to implement an optional column named Reconciliation Status in the Bank Transactions Template? If the value is set to true the line item should show up as reconciled in XERO. Based on my research other providers for example Business Importer offer that function.

What accounting software are you using?


Hi @Luke21

Yes I confirm this is something that can be added to DataDear’s bank transactions template. I have logged this within the product roadmap -we need to be careful when changing templates as this might break automation models built by DataDear users.

Hi Neville,

thank you for the feedback. If this could be implemented we are looking into buying the solution for our organisation. Would you be able to provide a timeline by when this could be implemented?



Hi @Luke21

This enhancement to the bank transactions was launched with this week’s release - you can now set a bank transaction to reconciled (or not).

Hope that helps and thank you for the suggestion!

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