Xero Edit Invoices

I have some draft invoices in Xero, I need to add a line (a new product for example) to each one with Datadear, is that possible?


Hi @Alejandro_Melinsky

Yes this is possible - there are 3 steps to do this:

  1. When you open the Invoices and Bills template, download the draft Invoices by using the Get Data to Edit button image and filter the required Invoices in the conditions: (You may use Status = Draft)

  2. Find the Invoice you wish to amend, copy the line on another row and keep all the details the same except for the line details you need to create (So typically you will need to change the Item, Description, Qty, Price, Account and Tracking Details). Ensure the new line also contains the XERO Edit ID in column and it’s identical to the other Invoice lines.

  3. Once ready, change the column A to Yes for all the lines you wish to push into Xero and use the Post Online button. image.DataDar will post the results as follows: (You may click on the Xero con to open the Invoice in Xero)

Hope that helps - I suggest you try this with a few cases before doing changes in bulk to ensure you master the process.

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