Xero Invoices Template v2.0 not working



Whenever I try to “Get Data to Edit” in Excel using the Xero Invoices Template v2.0 using the default or time range parameters I keep receiving the following error:

“Oops - the access token for this organization has not been authorized or has been revoked. Please re-connect the organization [name] by using the Add Organization button in the DataDear toolbar.”

I do this but get the same error the next time. I can run other reports but this one seems broken. Any tips would be appreciated.



Thank you for reporting this problem.

I have managed to replicate the problem. Will discuss the issue internally and revert.



This issue has been resolved and the sheet should be able to download data when using the date filters.

Let us know if you still experience any problems with this filter.


It is working now. Thanks!