Xero & Leap Year



I appear to have a strange Leap Year issue. I have used the Data Dear P&L Report & asked for 28 Feb 2020 and 10 periods (years) back - essentially a 10 year YTD P&L. Each of the yrs 2020,2016,2012 (Leap years) come back with blank data. Then non-Leap years data is fine. Xero definitely has the data for the leap years.

Has anyone see this issue or know how to resolve it?


Hi Wayno

Are you able to provide a screenshot of the parameters window you are using so we can try to replicate from our end and pass over this feedback to the technical team.


Hi Neville,

Please see screenshot link of parameters window.


Hi @wayno

Thank you for sending the details - I can better understand your problem. We will try to replicate from our end and then log internally for review. Can I assume that if you change this date to another month - say Jan 2020, this will work without problems?


Hi Nevile,

Correct - changing the month to Jan 2020 (ie 1 month prior) it all works 100%.


Hi wayno

Thank you for confirming. We are doing some testing internally on the excel sheet sent separately with your data and will keep you updated.


Hi DataDear Team,

Any updates on the fix for this issue?


Hi @wayno

The issue has been identified and is logged in our internal systems. It does not seem to be something that can be easily resolved and there is no ETA on when this can be released. Apologies for keeping you waiting.