Xero Manual Journals - double posting detection

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A software program has posted approx 10,000 journals across multiple years in duplicate. In DataDear I can run the Manual Journal Template and scan down the page and identify the duplicates as the same entries have a different Xero Edit ID.

Is there a ways to either

(1) add a column to the Manual Journal Template to include the wording from the ;‘History and Notes’ at the bottom of the Xero wording ie. “Approved by System Generated on 26 Jul 2021 at 15:21p.m.”

(2) add a column with the date that the journal was last approved / modified and the user that did this. (normal transactions post to Xero within 72 hours of the journal date), we know with this issue that journals are posted over a 4 year period, so its easy to identify the duplicates by this modified date.

(3) add a column with the Xero journal reference number

(4) detect where you have a journal narration that appears with more than one Xero Edit ID, to narrow down the duplicates.

What accounting software are you using?

Hi @kerry.paki

Apologies for the late reply.

With regards to points 1-3, columns cannot be added to templates as there is coding involved in the process and the data you mentioned above is not available in Xero API.

Could I would suggest using DataDear to delete all 10,000 journals and use DataDear again to input the clean journals without duplicates. It seems like a quicker and cleaner process rather then sifting through 10,000 journals.

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