Xero: Pulling equivalent data to the ''Export Accounting data' - Xero general ledger rentries

I’m a newbie… I wanted to create a similar pivot table (Excel) which I have created from the above export but thought if I used datadear it would automate the updating the background data as the year progresses. Very important I get the tracking categories divided only into the 2 usual possibilities (And multiple categories within each tab). However, not having much luck - any suggestions? For example, if I specify ‘Account transactions’ and dates required with sources as ‘Revenue’ I get no tracking categories at all but a lot of columns with 'Journal Lines.(Other) Tracking.Tracking Option ID ’ stated which are all empty.

Hi @cobbweb

Welcome to DataDear!

May I suggest you attach the workbook you created (feel free to remove any sensitive data) so we can guide you on which columns will provide the required info to build you pivot table.

For example I ran the Account Transactions report using Accounts Receivables as the Sources and I can see my Tracking Info in columns:

Column Q - Tracking 1 ID
Column S - Tracking 1 Name
Column X - Tracking 1 Option
Column Y - Tracking 1 Option ID

Column Z - Tracking 2 ID
Column AB - Tracking 2 Name
Column AG - Tracking 2 Option
Column AH - Tracking 2 Option ID

You may delete all unnecessary columns as DataDear will remember these settings when refreshing the dataset.