Xero Repeating Template POST

Hi, is it possible to Bulk Post Repeating Invoices from DataDear to Xero?
If so how and if not is there another workaround except for uploading invoices and converting them to repeating one by one (I have over 500 to convert)
Any help would be appreciated.

Hey Mark,

Great question! Unfortunately, nobody can currently help as the API doesn’t allow for this. BUT, we are eagerly awaiting an update from the Xero team, this is expected in the coming months and as soon as available our awesome development team will get straight on it!

Please see this thread for updates;

As an option, perhaps use our Invoices template to post this month, then next month you can easily get all these invoices, change the date to create next months. Hopefully the API will be ready and then we can help turn these into repeating invoices on a bulk basis.

Will update this article when available.

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