Xero trial balance TO custom reports

I am trying to use the ‘Xero Trial Balance,’ to populate my custom reports in Excel. Can anyone help with the following?

  1. What order does the trial balance import as it seems almost random?
  2. Has anyone experienced that when you sort the trial balance by nominal code number (A-Z) and save the excel file, when you reopen the document it breaks because of the ‘sort function.’
  3. I use ‘V-Look ups’ to populate my custom reports. If the trial balance is not sorted by code the vlook up does not work (even though it is exactly the same data range) . Is there a reason for this?

I hope someone can help or advise what I could/should try instead.



Hi Frazer

May I suggest you have a look at the Trial Balance - Multiple Period report and use the Period as rows ticked - this may solve your problem with the vlookups.

View of the report in a DataDear test company:

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